The "Jam Makers"

Jam = Joyful work

I started this interview series with individuals who had decided to stop allowing their career to be "toasted" by their employers to show my clients that even though it does seem scary to take your career into your own hands in your 40s and 50s, it's very possible.  

But the further I got into the interview series, the more I began to believe that it is not only possible to make your 40s and 50s the "Jam Years" of your career, it is necessary.   These stories offer hope to anyone out there who feels career stuck.  They also offer proof that it can be done and done in hundreds of different ways - depending on your financial situation, your confidence levels, your personality style and what you want to get from your future working life.

I am half-way through interviewing 100 of these inspirational characters and am so inspired by them that I'm pulling the lessons they have taught me into a book which will be published in 2018.  Before then, I am pulling some of the lessons into a series of little books which will be available to download.  Make sure you sign up to my newsletter for an email telling you when each will be available. 

Here are a few to get you started...