Careers are complicated…especially at our age!

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Too many people in their forties and fifties (Gen X) are trapped in work that bores them, drains them of energy, stresses them out, threatens their relationships or simply feels meaningless.

This rebellious generation has been tamed by the corporate master and trained into submission. I challenge you to step back, look at what you wanted, where you are now and what you want to create next.

It is possible to take control of your own career and work story.


Without a clear understanding of how to do this effectively you risk everything.

The stories and underlying strategies uncovered in X Change are the essential missing step to your future.

The aerospace executive turned gin maker, the bank manager turned public speaking trainer, the corporate financier now financial guru for SMEs. These people have walked the road ahead of you and share their insights with you.

In X Change you are reminded why you work and are called back to your own unique purpose.

Are you ready to free yourself from work that isn’t making you happy?

Are you ready to reclaim your purpose and your fire?

Are you ready to rewrite the story of your work?


Is this book for you? Check out what others have said about it.

“X Change has been a truly refreshing read, after all the books on titans, gurus and billionaires!  A tiny, but powerful book based upon quite ordinary people who have had the courage to significantly change their careers whilst approaching midlife.

They were not all aiming to become super rich but rather super happy. The true stories and the tips will motivate those who are no longer fulfilled by their current jobs and those who are aiming for more in the coming 20 years of their lives.”

David Vrba - Partner at Company Culture Market and Digiskills  

“Lucia Knight is to career happiness what Brene Brown is to banishing guilt and shame.

Lucia has unlocked the secrets to career happiness in her ground breaking book.  A glorious balance of real life stories and practical advice, X-Change will ensure you don’t waste another minute of your precious life.”

Marie-Claire de Grouchy, CEO WellAT and Director of multiple businesses

“We only get one go at this thing called life and none of us are coming out of it alive! Lucia has captured the essence of today’s working environment and mixed it with true stories of individuals who have re-shaped their careers to make sure that they are striving to make each day as purposeful and rewarding as possible.”

Tom Fender, Investor and Director in multiple businesses

“A refreshing, non-corporate book packed full of real and inspiring stories about fulfilling career change and the precious secrets learned along the way.  A must-read for any mid-lifer starting to wonder whether the time is right to do something different.”

Laura Walker, Talent Director, Midlife Careers Researcher and Consultant

“I read Lucia’s book having just been made redundant from a company I’d worked in for almost two decades. Before I opened X Change, I didn’t even realise I needed to redefine my career. I was intending to find mirror-image job in a mirror-image firm. Then I read the first story. I was hooked. I read the second and started to really think.

Each story oozes with different personalities. Every account is inspiring, but none of the challenges and struggles that were faced along the way have been hidden or sugar-coated. As I turned the pages, I read nuggets of motivation that came together in the realisation of a new purpose for working-me that feels exciting and liberating, and I can’t wait to get started!”

Claire Worsley, HR Executive

“A must read for those who feel stuck in a career that is sucking the joy from their lives. Lucia retells the career transformation stories in a creative, imaginative with the addition of beautiful illustrations, making X Change not only a useful guide book but also a pleasure to experience.”

Sally Bull, The Body Coach

“A beautifully crafted little book that will stir the secret sauce in any hardened corporate genX'er who has thought, or is thinking ‘Is this it?’.

A totally different approach and the stories, ideas and advice will resonate with many - helping you feel part of a tribe, not struggling on your own.  It's up to you to make these changes, but X Change gives great guidance without the waffle.”

David Moseley, Product Marketing Director, iManage

“X Change is a reminder to all of us that while we might be successful when we focus our skills on the requirements of the job, the magic really happens when we focus those skills on our passions - and it’s never too late to make that career change.

Warren Price, CFO B2M Solutions and Co-Founder Click Labs

“Delivered in a refreshingly approachable style, X Change is great reading for anyone wondering if it might be time for a change. It’s good to see so much depth and substance on a topic that doesn’t get enough coverage.”

Chris Kelting, Director North to South Consulting

“This book gives hope to those who are stuck and don’t know where to begin. And for those like me, who are on their second transformation, it helps us sit back and ask ourselves questions to make sure we can carry on doing what we are doing for the next twenty years without feeling trapped - even in our dreams.”

Severine Courtial, MD Ethic Environnement

“X Change crams in dozens of examples of people succeeding in traditional careers but wanting more, but I found myself reading through them easily and lightly - due to Lucia’s inventive way of personalising each story. And then she pulls out the nine secrets the stories share in a way that makes sense, and helps us to consciously think about our own paths with practical actions that focus on next steps.”

Gavin Beckett, Director Footprints: Transformation and Learning