Chris - Change Management, Cheshire, 40s

The Discover Your Superpowers programme has provided some truly valuable insights that could not have been achieved without Lucia’s tailored framework and expert guidance.

The energising effect of more consciously applying a core set of abilities has been almost immediate, and is proving a significant help in formulating options and making better choices.

The process itself is also enjoyable and so the programme comes highly recommended, especially for those exploring alternative career options or simply looking to get more out of their existing careers.

Helene - Not-for-Profit, Surrey, 40s

(This testimonial was offered to me recently, after I gave my lovely friend Helene a copy of my first ever book. She explains how we helped each other design our new careers over our weekly walks in the stunning Surrey Hills.)

3 years ago, I decided to change career, but was not exactly sure what to do next, how to start, where to start. Every one said it will come naturally to me…?? really ????

For a while, I went for a weekly walk with my friend Lucia. I loved these walks. I loved these talks. And we talked, we asked each other questions, wondered, imagined…

After many months, many walks and many miles, I realise how much these talks have helped me, supported me, and brightened my vision for my new career path….It did happen and it came to me.

She already knew she wanted to help others in their career change. She was ready to listen, asked the right questions and supported me. She did it for me. She was just not clear yet how. She was scared, worried, but so passionate and so good already!

Today, a few years’ later and after a long journey for both of us, I got her book. I’m so happy!

I don’t need to read it for my professional life, but I’m so eager to read it, to discover these stories, and the official way of ‘walking’ :-)

Thank you Lucia x

Di - Economist, London, 40s

When I signed up to the Superpowers programme with Lucia, I knew that I needed to make work work better for me, but the idea of interrogating what was wrong (and right) with work by myself was intimidating and painful, so I was looking for somebody to help guide me through the process and keep me honest with myself.

Lucia was able to see patterns in my behaviour and links between how I choose to spend my free-time and how I choose to spend time in work that were not at all obvious to me. 

Figuring out my “superpowers” has had all sorts of almost impacts that I wasn’t expecting.  I felt encouraged to deal with a big problem that I had been avoiding. Frustratingly, when I dealt with it, it didn’t turn out to be such a big problem at all. I’m feeling more excited about the future and have more energy than I’ve had for a while, and am already able to be more deliberate in making my current work fit me better. 

Lucia's feedback has helped me find possible ways to not throw the baby out with the bath water, in career terms.  I now have a good Plan A to let me focus on the areas of work that keep me energised and engaged while freeing up the time I need to pursue my other passions: and I know that I can always go back to Lucia to help me navigate plans B, C and D if Plan A doesn't work out.  

Dealing with fear of change is something that needs someone who understands your world but isn't bogged down by your baggage to help you navigate a new path. Lucia has definitely helped me on the road to becoming unstuck.

Warren - CEO, London, 50s

“Thank you so much for your time over the past few months. You really helped me focus on my strengths which helped me clarify my thoughts.

I was initially worried that career coach wouldn’t provide value for money or return on investment – both thoughts were unfounded as far as your style of coaching is concerned.

I found that my plans were not as wide of the mark as I’d feared and that attributes that I always believed were strengths are, in fact, super strengths!  I particularly benefited from the face-to-face sessions that really got me to examine what I wanted to do and what I could do.

I found the whole experience confidence building - the creation of possibilities certainly lifts the spirit.

 Many people seek career coaching because of self-doubt. Your style of coaching helped to lift my fog of self-doubt leaving the way ahead much clearer.”

Amanda - Sales, Berkshire, 40s

I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint my “superpowers” but Lucia proved me wrong. I really enjoyed the session we had. She was so skilled at making me see how I could use the things I do naturally to shape my work life and find some happiness every day.

Working with Lucia has helped me to think about my future and, whilst I am not looking for a radical change, I can really focus on asking the right questions to find an environment that will suit me.


Selina - Strategy, London, 40s

Our conversation last year made a huge difference for me, giving me permission to think about my skills in a different way.

I have since trained as a Life Coach, and am in the process of completing Certification. I LOVE IT. Love it, love it, love it. If there were ever a job that I was put on this earth to do, this is it. The business is new, and it is big and scary and some days I wonder what on earth I am doing, but I love it.

Josie - HR, London, 40s

Working with Lucia helped me process my thoughts, so that now, I can move forward without doubt.  

I’d been in my career for nearly 20 years and was considering my options.  Do I stay safe or do something different? I was finding it really difficult to create the head space to reflect properly so that I could make a decision.   

The biggest thing that came out of the process with Lucia was the realisation that I hadn’t been using some of my real strengths (or “Superpowers” as Lucia calls them) for so long that I thought they were my weaknesses. 

I enjoyed being more analytical about what I’ve done in the past and liked the combination of short visual tools and longer form profiling tools we used to help me figure out what I’m very good at. 

Of course, I know I’ll have tough days going forward but I feel that I have a much stronger foundation upon which to build that future.

Colette - Project Management, Glasgow, 30s

It was great to have someone as positive and enthusiastic cheering me on when I had kind of lost hope.

Working with Lucia was like a breath of fresh air because I'd been going round and round in circles, ruminating over the same ideas and the same stuck patterns of thought on what I might like to do.  The positivity, passion and clarity Lucia offers can really open the gates of possibility for you to change career.  She gave me the confidence to take some steps towards a career change that I hadn’t had the belief or confidence to take.

I liked the authentic interest Lucia showed throughout our coaching sessions.  Her genuine curiosity in helping me to understand myself better made me more curious about myself as a person and more committed to my pursuit of finding a satisfying career.  For example, Lucia tended to summarise what I had said or what we had covered during our calls – it was enlightening to hear someone else bring things together in a completely different way.

Jason - Finance, Surrey, 40s

"I thought the workshop was very thought-provoking, and reassuring in many ways - that making what seems a large 'leap of faith' can be done in smaller steps over a period of time. 

Lucia is an engaging speaker and the amount of information provided was just right for the evening, to allow people to reflect, take some ideas away, explore a bit themselves and potentially come back for more guidance."


Danny - Finance, Surrey, 50s

I was going to wait until my 60s to do what I loved but after working with Lucia I decided to just crack on with it.

After my time with Lucia, I decided to stop doing what society had been telling me I should be doing and start doing what I really wanted to do.  Her “superpowers” session had a huge impact on me.  Somehow, she could not only accurately see my strengths but helped me value them from a completely different angle.

Neill - Finance, Surrey, 40s

Lucia has a very engaging, insightful and professional approach which put me at ease and ensured there was mutual trust from the outset.  She was pivotal in helping me to challenge many preconceptions about myself and to gain a greater appreciation of what really matters in life.

By helping me to identify my “Superpowers”, she unlocked some fundamental insights into my natural skillsets and the extent to which they were being utilised (or not) in my chosen career.  I am now far more aware of the importance of using those natural skills in order to deliver greater work and life happiness.  As a direct result of Lucia’s guidance and counsel, they are at the forefront of my plans as I move into the next stage of my work life.

Sean - Sales, London, 50s

"By the time I had been introduced to Lucia, I'd felt stuck for quite a few years and had begun to feel that work was sucking the life out of me.  I read her "50 year old corporate toast" article and it was like a lightning bolt had hit. 

I thought more about my career and my future than I've done for decades, possibly ever!   As a result of our time together I have designed a very exciting new plan for the last decade of my career but one which could last much longer if I'd like it to.   I'm still working in my old career but making lifestyle changes to get my new business idea off the ground over the 6 months or so." 

Alex - Finance, Berkshire, 40s

The time I spent with Lucia was insightful, enlightening, motivating and fun.   She really helped me to understand what I really want rather than what I thought I wanted.  As a result of working with Lucia, I got great detailed insights into my own strengths, what specific type of career is most suited to me and how to go about achieving it.

I have been dealing with work stress which has been spilling into my weekends but since working with Lucia and doing some of her exercises, Sunday afternoons have been so much more relaxing.   I definitely have a higher degree of self-awareness and during our sessions I was able to think through lots of possible options and ideas that I may not have come up with myself.



Sarah - Media, London, 40s

As a result of my time with Lucia, I can now make quicker decisions than ever before as I am crystal clear on what will get me closer to my end goal.    I felt supported but also challenged. It became clear which behaviours and beliefs were keeping me stuck.  We appeared to be laughing a great deal even though some of the exercises were really difficult.

I've got my old confidence back but will be pointing it in a slightly different direction so that I can use some of my unique "superpowers" on a daily basis.

Maria - Finance, Surrey, 50s

Through discussion with Lucia, I came to be aware of what my "superpowers" were and how I felt when I was using them (which was fantastic, of course) which lead onto the prospect of leveraging them more in the future.   I felt increasing excitement as we got deeper and deeper through the layers of thought and the discoveries at each stage. 

It was an exhilarating journey of discovery which has resulted in Increased self-awareness, increased focus on what matters, increased hope and excitement about what's ahead in my journey. 

Howard - Law, London, 50s

Over a 6 month period, I went having hundreds of ideas about my future career to choosing the one that fits most closely with my newly-discovered but long-held unique strengths.  Lucia reversed the way I think about work and I feel excited about how much more enjoyable my future work could be.  Now it's up to me to take action and make it happen.