Six common concerns about investing in the "Discover your Superpowers" package

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Thinking about investing in the “Discover your Superpowers” programme?

When it comes to investing in yourself and your future, It’s natural to worry about whether you’re making the right decision (and the consequences of making the wrong choice).

If you’re not familiar with the Discover your Superpowers package, it’s my foundational, step-by-step programme that will leave you with a clear understanding of at least five of your most powerful and unique signature strengths – which I call “Superpowers”. All of my clients start with this programme.

It’s the confidence-enhancing, clarity-inducing, essential building block to designing more fulfilment into your work.

In addition to our bespoke one-to-one morning or afternoon together, you’ll get access to several personality profiling tools and guided “thinking assignments” which you can complete wherever and whenever is convenient.  You will also receive a stunning, personalised notebook, in order to keep your career re-design thoughts in one place.

Here are some of the most common concerns prospective customers raise about investing in the Discover your Superpowers package.

Concern 1: ‘I’m not sure I have any Superpowers.’

Lots of new clients tell me they are worried that I won’t be able to find any Superpowers and some even don’t like using the word Superpowers when talking about themselves.

My advice: 

There’s not a person in the world who doesn’t have Superpowers but as you’ve gone through various career moves, various promotions, new positions or possibly new companies, it can feel like you’ve moved away from doing some of the things that you used to be very good at.

Some clients feel that they have lost a little of the confidence that they once had or struggle to sell themselves when they need to.  Others have plenty of confidence, they just can’t seem to package it in a way that feels right for the long-term.

Let me reassure you that as a child you developed signature strengths and skills that over-time you have honed and used often. You will have used them throughout your career in various guises.   

When you use them, these super-powered skills come easily to you. But, because they come easily to you, you struggle to give them the value that they deserve.

That’s why you need someone skilled in seeing through the stories you tell yourself and to re-frame your signature strengths in a way that that you not only see their value once again but see their potential.

You should find these articles helpful: Lighting up your Superpowers or how it feels to do deeply satisfying work.

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Concern 2: ‘It’s expensive.’

Some of the Midlife Unstuck community members tell me they love the idea of the Discover my Superpowers package and would love to invest if they could – but they think it’s expensive.

My advice

If you’re stuck in a career that is not fulfilling – or have made a shift which isn’t working out how you hoped – it’s understandable to be nervous about investing in yourself.  

But the Discover my Superpowers package is not an ordinary, off the shelf career coaching process – it’s entirely bespoke, cannot be mass-produced AND offers the crucial, foundational elements to building a future career – one that could be more fulfilling, more satisfying and a heck of a lot more fun.

Not only will it stop you wasting valuable time wondering which way your career could or should go, the results will give you the confidence to start making decisions on how to build more satisfaction into your current work, as well as designing your future work.  

The Superpowers Package is an investment into your entire future working life but even if you were to only feel the benefits over the next 12 months, the cost works out at less than £2 per day - far less than the price of a decent cup of coffee, most gym classes or a daily newspaper.  

So, even if you’re on a budget, it’s a really cost-effective personal investment.  

If you are feeling concerned, these articles might resonate with you. “Am I spending more on my kids’ activities than my future career?” or have a look at the advice that Barney Whiter aka The Escape Artist offers on creating financial freedom to do work that you might love.

Concern 3: ‘I don’t have time.’

Some individuals who work in big corporates tell me that they love the idea of discovering their Superpowers, but they are so busy with commutes, travelling for work, long hours and then home commitments that they can’t see where to find the time.

My advice:

If you want to do more satisfying and fulfilling work – and to stop worrying what the next chapter of your career will look like - you need to get your brain off the current treadmill to see what your new world could look like.

That means:

·         narrowing your focus to figure out what very specific assets, skills and strengths you have to offer;  

·         discovering your uniqueness in an ever more competitive market;

·         gaining clarity on the language you could use to begin attracting work that you might find more enjoyable.

It’s great to be busy, but if you’re fire-fighting at the expense of future-proofing your career, it is highly likely that there will come a time when someone else will choose your future career moves.  These articles touched a few nerves when I published them:  50-year old corporate toast and Fired at 50

The total commitment of time from you is likely to be one full working day spread out over a number of weeks/weekends.  If you are anything like me, you hate wasting time.  So, all of the thinking assignments are designed to be done on a commute, in between meetings, in bed or wherever you get a spare 10 minutes.  

The morning / afternoon session needs to be done in one 3-hour time slot so that there is enough time to deep dive.  But, for most of us, it’s a joy to talk about yourself for that length of time, so I hope you won’t find it a hardship.

If during the week is impossible to schedule the 3 hour session, I recently helped a client out by doing our face-to-face session on a Sunday.

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Concern number 4: “Can’t I do this by myself?”

You can.

There are lots of individuals from the Midlife Unstuck community working their way through my free how-to articles and discovering their Superpowers alone.  

My advice

But it takes a great deal longer without a knowledgeable partner to pull out the necessary awareness, to challenge your limiting beliefs and to help you get out of your own way.  

Only you will know whether you have the self-awareness, focus and tenacity to go it alone.

Concern 5: ‘I’m not based in the UK.’ 

Some prospective clients tell me they love the idea of discovering their Superpowers but are concerned that the process might not work as well via video conference or telephone as in person (because I am based in UK)

My advice:

All of the thinking assignments are done by you, in your home, on your commute or wherever you feel comfortable doing them.  So, it doesn’t matter which country you live in.

I’ve conducted the 3-hour one-to-one discovery sessions via Zoom video-conference or via telephone with clients in Australia, Canada, US and Germany and UK over the last 2 years.  Even when clients live close to me, they sometimes prefer the flexibility and convenience of video conferencing.  

To get results, you need to commit to the process.   The medium for having the conversations isn’t as important as the time, brain power and openness you commit to the process.


Concern 6: ‘I don’t like talking about myself.’

Some prospective customers tell me they love the idea of Discovering their Superpowers, but they don’t enjoy talking about themselves.

My advice:

Sadly, you can’t avoid this.  You will have to talk and think about yourself a great deal - possibly more than you have done in a very long time.  But another thought…

Are you crazy? When in this world do you ever get to talk about yourself for hours on end?

I’ll be asking thought-provoking questions, doing lots of listening and taking notes so that I can come back to my padded cell of an office and decipher the underlying meaning. 

I’ll then scribe my first draft of your top 5/6 superpowers, which we will refine after one further short conversation and eh voila! That’s it.

You talk.  I do the pattern-finding.  That’s the uniqueness of this process. 

I’m not aware of anyone else who offers this service, packaged in this clear and simple way.

If you like the sound of this approach to future-planning more enjoyable work and want a bespoke programme that speedily gets to the core of which activities you find deeply satisfying and why, without having to work your way through endless exercises alone, you should consider investing in the Discover your Superpowers package.

Over the last 4 years since I left my old career, (here’s my story on video) I’ve endlessly researched career happiness and work satisfaction and know that getting clarity on your unique offering to the world and being able to design your career to include more of that unique offering is the foundation of doing work that is more satisfying.

Next step?

Click here to book in for one of my Light at the end of my tunnel calls to see if we are right for each other. If none of the available times work for you, email me at and we‘ll work it out.

Feedback from the Discover your Superpowers programme

“Working with Lucia helped me process my thoughts, so that now, I can move forward without doubt.  

The biggest thing that came out of the process with Lucia was the realisation that I hadn’t been using some of my real strengths (or “Superpowers” as Lucia calls them) for so long that I thought they were my weaknesses.” 

Josie, HR, 40s, London

After my time with Lucia, I decided to stop doing what society had been telling me I should be doing and start doing what I really wanted to do.  Her “superpowers” session had a huge impact on me.  Somehow, she could not only accurately see my strengths but helped me value them from a completely different angle."

Danny, Finance Director, 50s, Surrey

“Your style of coaching helped to lift my fog of self-doubt leaving the way ahead much clearer.

I found that my plans were not as wide of the mark as I’d feared and that attributes that I always believed were strengths are, in fact, super strengths!  I particularly benefited from the face-to-face sessions that really got me to examine what I wanted to do and what I could do.”

Warren, CEO, 50s, London

“Working with Lucia was like a breath of fresh air because I'd been going round and round in circles, ruminating over the same ideas and the same stuck patterns of thought on what I might like to do. 

The positivity, passion and clarity Lucia offers can really open the gates of possibility for you to change career.”

Colette, Project Management, 30s, Glasgow