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It's perfectly possible to unstick your own career and I offer lots of ways to do just that - Click on the images below to get access to the ones that fit best with your situation.   If you're interested in hearing how I escaped from my own career rut - check out my story below. 

Want more personalised help?

If you'd like more personalised help beyond my articles, posts and books, I offer two coaching packages: my signature 6 month programme "Plan B - The Big Re-think" and my starter programme "Discover your Superpowers".   

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PLAN B - The big Re-Think

My signature career transformation programme is proven to transform individual careers over a six month period. 

The purpose of the programme is to completely overhaul your relationship with your career, along with your confidence in your unique strengths. 

By the end of the programme you’ll have discovered what career changes you will need to make to massively increase the chances of doing fulfilling, satisfying, inspiring and possibly fun work.

Over the six months we’ll look at …

·       Your Life-time Career Profile - the blue-print from which all future career choices can be based upon.  It will be entirely unique to you based on your personality, talents, unique strengths, personal life situation and attitudes. Done correctly, this is relevant for the rest of your career. 

·       An in-depth understanding of the specific environments within which you perform at your best

·       Discovering your SuperPowers; understanding of your unique strengths – the things that you do better than anyone else – and how to point them at business problems

·       Clarity on the exact elements that you personally need to be happy at work

·       The ability to say ‘NO’ easily to ideas that don’t fit

·       An analysis of potential small and large career changes which could make a big impact – plus an action plan to implement those changes  

·       How to experiment with – and refine – your career change options 

COST:  £999 per month x 6

What's included:

  • 2 personal half day sessions in each of the first two months
  • 1 personal half day meeting for the remaining 4 months
  • Lots of pre-session “thinking assignments”, personality profiles and bespoke research assignments.
  • Weekly catch-ups via email
  • Regular personalised email/video/book recommendations & inspirations.
  • 2 post programme phone/video progress calls

HOW TO BOOK…Please book a 30 minute “Light at the end of my tunnel” phone call here to discuss this programme.  You can also email me ( and I'll send you my brochure with more detail on the exact contents of the programme to understand if it might work for you.  

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Discover your Superpowers

This package is perfect for those who struggle to answer the question “What are you great at?” even though the world around them might perceive them to be successful.    

It is a personal and work confidence-boosting session to allow you to set off on a DIY career un-sticking process.  It will provide you with clarity on what sorts of roles and activities give you satisfaction and why. 

You will leave the session with renewed confidence and knowledge about why and how using your unique strengths more often could bring more satisfaction and fulfilment to your career.

Our SuperPowers programme will include:

  • A personality profile to be completed before our session.
  • Two detailed “thinking assignments” to be completed before our session.  These assignments generally take approximately 2 hours in a quiet room and require nothing but your brain, a pen and a few sheets of paper.  
  • Review, analysis and discussion of your personality profile and how this relates to your day to day work and life. 
  • 2.5/3 hours one-to-one coaching session on the phone/video call/face-to-face (if mutually convenient) during which we will uncover your unique strengths.
  • Recommendations on how to bring your newly-discovered SuperPowers into your daily work. 

HOW TO BOOK: Click here to book for your “light at the end of my tunnel” conversation where I can learn a little about you and your situation and I can answer any questions you might have before we get cracking.    

You can also email me ( and I'll send you my brochure with more detail on the exact contents of the SuperPowers programme to understand how it might work for you.  

COST: £699