career change 40s

Di - Economist, London, 40s

When I signed up to the Superpowers programme with Lucia, I knew that I needed to make work work better for me, but the idea of interrogating what was wrong (and right) with work by myself was intimidating and painful, so I was looking for somebody to help guide me through the process and keep me honest with myself.

Lucia was able to see patterns in my behaviour and links between how I choose to spend my free-time and how I choose to spend time in work that were not at all obvious to me. 

Figuring out my “superpowers” has had all sorts of almost impacts that I wasn’t expecting.  I felt encouraged to deal with a big problem that I had been avoiding. Frustratingly, when I dealt with it, it didn’t turn out to be such a big problem at all. I’m feeling more excited about the future and have more energy than I’ve had for a while, and am already able to be more deliberate in making my current work fit me better. 

Lucia's feedback has helped me find possible ways to not throw the baby out with the bath water, in career terms.  I now have a good Plan A to let me focus on the areas of work that keep me energised and engaged while freeing up the time I need to pursue my other passions: and I know that I can always go back to Lucia to help me navigate plans B, C and D if Plan A doesn't work out.  

Dealing with fear of change is something that needs someone who understands your world but isn't bogged down by your baggage to help you navigate a new path. Lucia has definitely helped me on the road to becoming unstuck.