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Lucia Knight

Career Change Coach

Are you feeling stuck in a career rut?

  • Is the thought of Monday morning giving you Sunday night blues?
  • Have you lost the joy and purpose that your work used to give you? 
  • Thought it was just an age thing? Think again.  In 2017 alone, MidlifeUnstuck has helped 100s of UK professionals in their 40s and 50s to design more fulfilling careers. You can do it too. 

Begin to banish the Sunday night blues by booking in for a 30 minute "Light at the end of my tunnel" call with me to receive at least 2 recommendations relevant to your personal situation to get you started on designing more fulfilling, satisfying and possibly fun work. 

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Mid-life Career Change Coaching

There's articles on how to run your own midlife career change and real stories from people who've already done it and never looked back.

Click on your chosen time slot below to book your 30 minute "Light at the end of my tunnel" career kick-starter consultation call.  If for any reason there is not a convenient time slot available please email and she will try her best to accommodate your request.