Curious about coaching? 

Do you struggle to get the time to really think about your long-term career because you're too busy working on your current career?

  • Perhaps you’ve been waiting for a perfect idea to wallop you over the head before kick-starting your career overhaul?

  • Or maybe you’ve got so many ideas, you can’t narrow them down?

  • Or perhaps you keep going around in circles, not knowing where to start?

Would you like at least two personalised recommendations to help you know exactly where to start and how to begin to design a little more satisfaction into your career…without throwing it all away - along with your ability to pay the mortgage?

If the answer is ‘yes’

  • Book in for one of my free 30min Light at the end of my tunnel calls (click the button below)

  • Fill in the answers to my short pre-call questions which I’ll send you (so that we can make the most of our time together)

  • Then relax! You have taken one big step towards figuring out how to make the second half of your career feel more satisfying.

Whether you choose to work with me or not, I guarantee to give you at least two personalised recommendations to allow you to take a few steps forward in your career re-design process. It's currently free, so what have you got to lose?

The Light at the end of my tunnel call is not a magic bullet - but here are some comments I’ve received after the calls.

“Our conversation last year made a huge difference for me, giving me permission to think about my skills in a different way. I have since re-trained and am in the process of completing Certification. I LOVE IT. Love it, love it, love it. If there were ever a job that I was put on this earth to do, this is it. The business is new, and it is big and scary and some days I wonder what on earth I am doing, but I love it.” Selina, 40s, Strategy

“Our call really helped me to see the wood for the trees. I can now see exactly why I was going around in circles. I know you promised at least two personalised tips but your email with eight very specific ideas really impressed me. I was really surprised how quickly you understood my situation. I feel like I can carry on by myself but if I get stuck again, I will be straight on the phone to you as I don’t want to waste any more time". Fred, 50s, Technology

It was helpful in motivating me to get unstuck and to get focused.” Helen, 50s, IT

“It was a breath of fresh air talking to you. I felt a deep sense of relief that I am not alone in feeling stuck. In such a short time you cleared up a few of my misconceptions about career change. Our conversation combined with your emailed pointers have spurred me on to do some real thinking about what I want and how I might start to get it.” James, 40s, Banking.

“Thanks so much for your time last Friday. I really enjoyed speaking to you and thought your advice was spot on. I honestly felt pretty inspired afterwards. I would love to work with you". Anna, 30s, Communications

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Curious about something else? 

If you'd like to talk about something else feel free to :

  • Email me: or

  • Connect and message me via LinkedIn (I'm there daily) here

In truth, I just play around with other media platforms but you'll find me there occasionally.

  • I irregularly share interesting mid-life career change content on Facebook but I dislike the way it chews up valuable life time. 

  • I irregularly post some beautiful inspiring quotes and photos on Instagram - just because looking at beautiful things is a nice way to spend a few minutes - but I tend to feel inadequate in the beauty department the more time I spend on Instagram!   

  • Twitter: Claim to fame - my first tweet ever was early 2018.  I connect with journalists here but as an introvert I experience an assault on my senses when I'm in there.   Nevertheless I'm experimenting.  

I truly prefer human contact! 

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Click on the image to sign up to twice monthly career change articles, how-tos and real transformation stories from individuals in their 40s, 50s and beyond.


“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe