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Feeling career stuck? 

If you are reading this, you are likely to feel that there is more to life that what your current career is offering you.

It might help to know that you are not alone - in fact 90% of people in their 40s and 50s don't take the time to investigate whether their current career is sound enough and enjoyable enough to last another 20 years. 

You sit in the other 10% who are lifting their heads up from the daily grind and wondering what else is out there.

It's often hard to articulate what it means to feel "career stuck" but I have noticed some common threads in the stories my clients tell me: 

  • they have built successful careers yet experience Sunday evening blues, every Sunday evening;

  • they don't feel challenged, are often bored at work or feel like they are living their work life on a repeating loop;

  • their dissatisfaction at work has begun to seep into life outside work - to a level that is becoming more and more unacceptable;

  • they have begun to notice that their organisational culture jars with their natural style and feel like they are hiding their real selves at work;

  • they often have experienced a recent difficult event in their personal lives (e.g. personal health scare, elderly parent's illness or a partner being made redundant) which has triggered deep thought about their future.

  • they very simply want more from their career...more satisfaction, more challenge and more enjoyment.

If you are just beginning your thought process, have a look at the articles in my blog but also sign up to the newsletter (below) so that I can send you my Beginner's Guide to Successful Career change - even if you don't know where to start ebook.   It includes clear, actionable steps which will jump-start your midlife career change.  You'll also get feisty, honest book recommendations and other tips that will help you start your journey towards more fulfilling work.


About me

I am Lucia Knight. I am a mid-lifer who has gone through several career transformations so I know a bit about them.  I have moved countries several times after leaving my childhood home in Northern Ireland.  The first decade of my career was spent helping individuals to find similar jobs in different companies.  The next decade was spent hunting down the perfect new board member for growing or transforming companies across South East England. 

After a couple of years of feeling progressively "career stuck", my mid-life found me diving headlong into a Psychology Masters.   This included researching how personality influences work and life satisfaction (some people call this "happiness") and a major research project into the future for over 50s in big corporates.  My conclusions from this learning changed my career and my own life satisfaction at the same time.   

I now combine my head-hunting, management, coaching and psychology experience to guide mid-lifers through career transformations.

Outside of work, my husband and I have two feisty (Celtic genes) and sensitive daughters who keep us busy.   I adore the Desert Island Discs radio show and am working my way through every episode ever recorded since 1942.   To make me feel alive, once a year I help organise a group challenge which is always way beyond my physical capability.  I'm usually at the back of the pack during these 12 hour challenges...until I spy the celebration drinks lined up at the bar!  I'm also a volunteer for Cruse Bereavement Care.  

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If you'd like to have a conversation about how I might be able to help you, email me at to arrange a time to confidentially discuss your situation.